Wednesday, August 22, 2012

Memphis on the Move

In the spring of 2012, Memphis, Tennessee was honored to be named one of 6 cities participating in the Green Lane Project, a national effort to engineer, plan and implement protected bicycle lanes across the United States.  Many of the Green Lane Project Cities have been and remain dedicated to the development of innovative bicycle infrastructure; San Francisco was among the first cities to develop green bike lanes - literally bike lanes painted green to draw attention to treacherous junctures within their bike lane network.  Washington D.C.’s 15th Street cycle track, a two-way bike path separated from automobile traffic by a buffer of flexible bollards, was one of the first protected bike lanes opened in the United States.  Last year, the city of Chicago developed one of the finest lengths of protected bike lanes in the United States along Kinzie St., and Chicago Mayor Rahm Emanuel has committed to the construction of 100 miles of protected bike lanes within the next four years.  In the next three years, Mayor Emmanuel wants every Chicagoan to be within a half mile of a bike lane. 

But in some ways, the city of Memphis is very unique when seen beside the other five Green Lane cities. Check out the Project Green Lane Blog to for the full story on Memphis.