Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Velo City Global 2010!

If you haven't made it over to Community Powered Cycling yet to read about the conference, take a moment to catch up.  The conference has been absolutely amazing, and there is a well of inspiration being developed on the site. The best part: there is only more to come in the next few days.  Have a look, and be inspired!  

Monday, June 21, 2010

A Month? Really?!

Gentle readers, I apologize for the delay in recent posts.  I like to keep the blog as tight as possible, with at least weekly updates despite being halfway around the world.  In this regard, I have failed at Pedal Power these past few weeks.  

Why?  Well, preparing 700 bikes for the Velo-City Global 2010 Conference is one big reason.  I blame Baisikeli.  Check out this video to get a sense of why this might be so...and practice your Danish before you watch.  If you just can't be bothered to watch all thirteen riveting minutes, there is a very silly interview with me at around minute 7.  

The bikes have been prepared, of course, for the Velo City Global 2010 conference, the largest conference on bicycling in the world.  All of Copenhagen has been busy preparing the city for the largest influx of cycling experts in history.  

Finally, one of most exciting excuses for my recent lapse in posting is the creation of a new blog.  It's called "Community Powered Cycling," and it's a joint effort between myself, Joshua Gorman, and Kyle "Wild Arms" Wagenschutz.  As the Watson winds down (I will arrive back in Memphis in two weeks!), I will begin to post more and more to the CPC blog. 

Finally, I have of course been engaged in a ridiculous amount of bicycle polo here in Copenhagen.  This week, in conjunction with the Velo City Conference, we will play a polo tournament in the City Center to determine who in fact are the grand masters of the Copenhagen Polo Universe.  Stay tuned for results, but in the meantime check out this video about CPH Bike Polo.