Friday, October 16, 2009

French Bike Polo

The bike polo tournament being held in conjunction with the Bicycle FilmFestival in Paris is scheduled for this weekend, but unfortunately I will not be able to attend. Fortunately, however, I will be spending time with the girl I love in an equally awesome city: Berlin.

But in keeping with the spirit of French Bike Polo, check out the following newscast. It's all in French, but if it was in English, you wouldn't be able to fully absorb that French Polo Spirit. Then again, maybe most of you would be able to understand it....

Once you get past the commentary the video is quite nice.

If anyone has a link to the video short 'Polo Manual' currently traveling the world with the Bike Film Festival, send it my way. My understanding is that 'Manual' is a teaser for a longer film about Bike Polo: the culture, the people, the bikes, the moves and the rules. It was made by a Londoner, so I think it focuses particularly on London. Still, it's a very nice snapshot of the game and the culture.

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