Sunday, August 16, 2009

The Trip North

My friend Mikele and I rode our bicycles--very slowly--through the north of Zealand, the eastern most island in Denmark (with the exception of distant Bornholm). This was roughly our route:

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We enjoyed forest and ocean, cliff and clouds as we traveled to sleepy ocean villages and passed through traditional Danish towns. I took a few photos--though Mikele has more--and I thought you might enjoying seeing a few.

This was the bike path near Hundested; just a single track trail running along the ocean. The pictures are low quality because I took them with my phone.
This was camp on the second night--we had a super nice camping spot right beside the ocean.
We took a ferry across from the Peninsula at Hundested, and this sign was at the ferry. I think it means don't drive in the ocean; that or watch for falling cars near the ocean.
This is Mikele on the ferry. You can see a small rainbow rising just behind his head. I think it's probably because he is a super special guy.
I think this is a stencil of MLK. Any other guesses? We found it on the ferry, which was kind of strange to see this in the middle of the Danish countryside.
This is all of our gear and the bikes on the ferry. The set-up I have is super nice: Burley flatbed trailer and Steel Schrøder frame with Campagnolo Veloce parts. Like whoa. For those of you asking for good pictures of the bike, this is just a teaser. Others are forthcoming.
This was a picture from our campsite on day two. This picture really says it all.

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  1. Like, whoa. Fantastic. Hope you're staying bug free and comfortable.