Wednesday, August 26, 2009

How Good is Your Danish?

I hope to have an embedded link soon, but for now, check this out:

It's true; Danish TV followed me around for the better part of a morning taking footage from a zillion angles to put together this two minute spot.

In Copenhagen, I became pretty well connected with a few Danish journalists. When I arrived in Odense, I met Mads, a friend of my journalist friends. He suggested a story to his colleagues, and a film crew followed up. They found me in the middle of nowhere, asking the question: does it ever get lonely out here all alone? With all the cows and pigs and horses, how could one every be lonely? I actually didn't say that, but should have.

What a year this is turning into. Like whoa.

Incidentally, following the airing of this story, a Danish sports masseuse friended me on facebook. He offered a free "sports massage." For better or worse, I had already left Denmark.

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  1. that is just incredible. my little man getting international press!