Friday, April 10, 2009

The Memphis Bike Map Project

Today I would like to launch the Memphis Bike Map Project. The map below is intended as a starting point for the creation of the ultimate Memphis Bike Map, which I hope we can put together through dialogue and feedback on this blog. I've identified a few routes that work well for bicycles throughout the city, but I would like to have your feedback on the routes I've got as well as suggestions about inclusions of other routes in order to create the best map possible.

So, you can do a couple things.

1) Click on the link to the map just below and leave a comment on Google Maps about a particular loop or section on the map. What you think of its overall quality, it's safety, the road conditions, lights, etc. Be as specific or as vague as possible!

2) Post your own map as a comment to my map with new route recommendations and I'll incorporate them into the Ultimate Map, which I'll try to update daily.

View The Memphis Bike Map in a larger map

Buenos Dias.

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