Wednesday, April 1, 2009

Cyclists aid Revolutions

Cyclists aid Revolutions

Cirque Du Velos donates $410 to shop

By By Yale Spina, Special to My Life

Wednesday, April 1, 2009

Cirque Du Vélos, a local cycling team composed of 22 males who all do something other than ride for a living, awarded Revolutions Community Bike Shop $410 to support its ongoing advocacy of bicycling in Memphis.

Revolutions, a ministry of First Congregational Church on Cooper in Midtown, "provides affordable bicycles, tools, and education for Memphians interested in making bikes a part of their lives," says director Anthony Siracusa. "It is composed of over 600 active members and over the past decade has helped thousands of cyclists find greater harmony on two wheels."

Revolutions used the funds to cover travel expenses to Washington to attend the annual Bicycle Summit in March. "We have the full support of District 9 Representative Steve Cohen to pursue the American Bikes Agenda," says Siracusa. "We fully expect that within 10 years Memphis will be the premier bicycling community in the South."

Cirque du Vélos, French for Circus of Bicycles, is a Memphis, Tennessee-based cycling club and amateur race team sponsored by Peddler Bike Shop. Formed in late 2007, Cirque du Vélos members share a common interest in riding competitively in local and regional organized rides and races. Membership is intentionally limited to a smaller, cohesive group of cyclists who share similar objectives and who see cycling not only as a competitive sport, but also as a means of sustaining excellent health and as a platform for benefiting the communities where we live, work and ride.

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Midtowner Yale Spina is a member of Cirque du Vélos.

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