Friday, April 9, 2010

Greetings from Guatemala

As you´ve no doubt noticed, content on Pedal Power has been lacking over the last couple of weeks.  Far from a lack of material, the problem is a lack of time.  And computer space.  

For the majority of my trip, I´ve had readily available wireless internet access.  Carrying my trusty (and now quite dusty) standard MacBook around the world has meant I have access to internet hotspots.  Wireless internet equals frequent updates.  In my current capacity as a volunteer at MayaPedal, however, there is no wireless internet access.  There is, in fact, only one computer for both business purposes and the personal needs of 7 vounteers.  Internet time is thus at a premium here in Guatemala. 

But take heart!  I hope to upload some posts, composed off line, about the work here at MayaPedal, my final weeks in China, and some exciting plans for the future.  So please stay tuned, gentle reader.  

On another note, thanks for all the support, comments and questions that have been pouring in these last 12 months.  Let´s continue to think and write and work and build infused with a vision for that day when the bicycle is chosen as often as the car. 

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