Friday, December 25, 2009

Polo Manual

I think this film nails the beauty of bike polo cultures and polo people.  I had the great pleasure of spending time in London playing polo with many of these fine folks.  Cheers to them! 



  1. looks like a bunch of people running into each other and having needless stacks! I do that enough on my own! :}

  2. Sick video, but get some freaking breaks fixie people...

  3. Needless stacks, Mark?

    What about the excitement of the solo breakaway, or the satisfaction at blocking that goal everyone thought was going in?

    What about the rush that comes from confusing the defense with triangulated passing, or sneaking the ball in behind the goal keeper's rear wheel?

    Needless stacks you say?

    Perhaps you meant to say, "Wow. That polo video had lots of stacks in the pursuit of epic glory."

    See you Friday. :)

  4. No, I meant to say "Wow, they sure prang a lot playing bike polo! Other disciplines seem to try to stay upright during their events." Or maybe that just how the first few scenes of the video were cut - an effort to make it seem 'edgy' as a sport, perhaps? Oh dear, I come across as a 'hater' - no, I think I am a bit Aristotelian in my approach to non-functional bike activities. Dialogue about such things is good (or 'dialog', as you say in your part of the world). Well, as long as the laughs outweigh the scrapes amongst those concencerned. I may even come along to the tournament - a patriotic thing to do if ever there was one.