Tuesday, May 26, 2009

A New Law in NY

A new law in New York City might increase the penalty for motorists who kill bicyclists. See this from Transportation Alternatives:

The Hayley Ng and Diego Martinez Law

Government Body: NY State Legislature
Bill Status: Introduced

A07917A (Assemblymember Brian Kavanagh)
S5292-A (Senator Daniel Squadron)

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Bill Overview:

Will create the offense of careless driving and procedures and penalties relating to instances of careless driving which contribute to the serious injury or death of a vulnerable roadway user, e.g., a pedestrian or cyclist.

The Vulnerable User Roadway Act is an attempt to expand the available charging options by creating an enhanced civil penalty to punish careless drivers who seriously injure or kill vulnerable roadway users. In many instances, District Attorneys are unwilling or unable to pursue criminal charges against an individual who has committed a seemingly "minor" traffic violation, e.g., an illegal u-turn, which contributed to the serious injury or death of a vulnerable roadway user.

Penalties associated with this legislation will include: (1) the completion of a traffic safety course; (2) the performance of community service which includes activities related to driver improvement and public education on traffic safety; (3) mandatory court appearance by the defendant; (4) assessment of points on a driver's license; (5) financial penalties up to $10,000; (6)and the possibility of driver license suspension or revocation.

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